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Get Your Photo Critiqued – Today Only on Facebook

Today I am offering something special. On my Facebook page I am offering a free critique to as many photographs as I can. Head over to the page, Like it, and then comment on this […]


7 Tips To Help You Hire The Right Photographer

In my previous article you learned about how to not hire the wrong photographer. You learned that hiring the wrong photographer can cost you time, money and the risk of the end product not satisfying […]


3 Reasons To Not Hire The Wrong Photographer

I’m going to tell you a story. One that will hopefully save you thousands of dollars, and way more time than expected. Not long ago a potential photo job was presented to me. One that […]


9 Post Processing Mistakes You Can Stop Making

We have all been there. A feature is available whatever post processing software and it’s so fun to play with that you might find yourself overdoing it. In the video below I talk about some […]


Timing Is Everything In Action Photography

Whether you are photographing a major sport, or a less popular sport, timing is everything in action photography. I am a true believer that as a photographer you can make better photographs by understanding and […]


Canola Field

It’s interesting how an English word can really change the way you look at a plant. A word can make people rename a plant. The previous name of a plant can drive conversation about why […]


WE35 Field Report – Swapping Frames

The June mission for the WE35 project was to swap RAW files with another member of the WE35 project. The member we swapped with was determined randomly from Justin and Armando of The Photo Frontier. […]


House Below The Milky Way

I am very proud to share this as the first of a series of photographs from Washington state. A few weeks ago I flew into Seattle, Washington to meet up with a group of friends. […]


Travel Photography With A Mindshift Rotation 180

I know it might feel comfortable or sound obvious to pack as much camera gear as possible for a photography trip. But I’m here to tell you that you do not need all of your […]


Scenes From New York City

Today I wanted to share some photos from around New York City. These were made during a photowalk I hosted in NYC for The Arcanum. I think this photo of the rubble serves as a […]


To The Right

This is another scene from Brooklyn, New York. The vibrant red painted brick wall, plastered with posters and graffiti act as a perfect backdrop for street photography. In fact, this is one of my favorite […]


Places You Go

The places you go matter. The people you meet matter. The things you do matter. The way you act matters. So make the best of everything you do. Be kind to one another. Be generous. […]