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2015 Black Friday Sale + Giveaway for Photographers

I love Thanksgiving because I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have an amazing wife, a beautiful daughter and family and friends that I can count on for anything. In shopping world, Thanksgiving time […]


New Course On Lightroom Workflow Available Now

I was speaking with my friend Blake Rudis from HDR Insider & Everyday HDR, who doesn’t use Lightroom. He’s a diehard Photoshop and Photomatix user.  He also dabbles in ON1 and Topaz Labs among others. […]


Engagement Session’s Third Wheel

Sometimes clients want to bring an extra friend to an engagement session. Usually I will try to push back to avoid having to pose an animal, since that’s not my forte. But sometimes clients are […]


Not Just Another Instant Camera

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 is not your ordinary instant camera. It might be plastic, but it does not look like a toy or have the low quality of a polaroid. The camera is now […]


Meet Me At PhotoPlus Expo

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday I will be walking around at PhotoPlus Expo. I hope that if you see me you will say hello. You’ll know it’s me because I look like this, and I […]


Where I spend my social media time these days (2015 edition)

I have decided to start a new annual series, this being the first, on which social media networks I spend most of my time. Whenever I educate photographers or other businesses on where to spend […]


A Home For Your Photo Filters

During my process of switching from the Lee Filter neutral density system to the Formatt Hitech Firecrest system, I decided to also switch filter bags. I know what you might be thinking… “Does it really […]


One Scene Many Takeaways

When photographers look at a scene there is so much going through the creative mind. Things like textures and light and contrast and shadows and geometry and patterns. For example, looking at this photograph from […]


Revisiting The Past

The title I used for this blog post has two meanings. I literally revisited my archives to find that photo for processing and sharing. The photo is from the old mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The […]


Navigating The Photographic Fray

The photography industry is filled with noise. Noise that goes way beyond just between communities of photographers.  For example, 30 wedding photographers in one town, or 2,000 in one city. In fact, when I say […]


Increasing Productivity With Movement – Fluidstance Level Review

For the past couple of months, I have had the pleasure of using the Fluidstance Level. The product is for people who use standing desks. It is designed to get you moving while standing and […]


I Need To Get Back Here

Today I am sharing two photographs, both of which we made after Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey. This first one is from Port Monmouth, New Jersey. It’s an old fishing pier which is now left […]