Get Your Photo Critiqued – Today Only on Facebook

Today I am offering something special. On my Facebook page I am offering a free critique to as many photographs as I can.

Head over to the page, Like it, and then comment on this post with your photo.

As I say in the post, I will try to offer constructive feedback on as many photos as I can.

The feedback won’t be as detailed as if I had enough 1 on 1 time with you.

But hopefully you’ll walk away learning something new.

Why offer critiques?

I have seen people learn a lot from hearing about their photographs from a different person.

Through my private and group teaching, I have seen photographers grow dramatically from simple critiques when they get those “aha moments”.

Through The Arcanum there is a ton of critiques, and apprentices grow to new heights from them.

Critiques are also a big part of the Vision Path process.

So don’t hold back. Share 1 photograph of yours that you’d love feedback on.

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