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Scott Wyden Imagery LLC includes affiliate links in articles and on pages, embedded within the website design.  Affiliates by nature mean that Scott Wyden Imagery LLC only makes a commission if a sale is made after clicking an on an affiliate link.  Google AdSense advertisements will be found in RSS feeds and/or YouTube videos. Scott Wyden Imagery LLC will only utilize affiliate ads from companies and products I believe in or think the product and/or service is worth sharing.

Affiliate links include: Flatbooks, Think Tank Photo, Mindshift Gear, Peachpit Press, on1, TriggerTrap, Amazon, Topaz Labs, MacPhun, Outdoor Photo Gear and more.  I only promote products I believe in, so although they might be affiliate links, I honestly believe in and support the products.


If you’d like to use the photos displayed on this Blog or on my Portfolio on a personal website, or for any other non-commercial purpose, please ask first. All images are available for printing and are all reproduced by Mpix and Artistic Photo Canvas.  Please contact me or visit my prints section.  If you have interest in licensing any of my photos for commercial or non-commercial purposes please contact me via email or phone.

None of the photographs or images on this Blog or on my Portfolio may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without the written permission of Scott Wyden Imagery LLC.


Scott Wyden Imagery LLC does not pre-moderate any comments that have already passed the website spam protection and welcome all kinds of thoughts- supportive, critical or otherwise.  Scott Wyden Imagery LLC has the right to delete or censor comments that are:

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Workshop Liability Limitation

Workshop instructors will be taking photographs to document the event and they might be used for future workshop promotion. With that said, registering will signify your permission to be included in the photographing that will be done during the workshop.

Scott Wyden Imagery LLC., our instructors, guides, and cooperating agents aim to provide every participant a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience. We act solely as agents for you regarding accommodations, special activities, and travel, by any means, and assume no liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, delay, mishap, or damage to persons or property arising from any cause during the course of the workshop or in transit thereto. We can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in the services to be provided. We reserve the right to change our arrangements should conditions necessitate, or to cancel any aspect of the workshop due to exceptional circumstances. In the event that we deem it necessary to cancel the workshop we will provide a full refund which the participant acknowledges as full and final settlement.

As there is always an element of risk in any adventure associated with the outdoors, participants must read this form carefully. This liability release will certify that the participant is physically fit and capable of participating in outdoor photography exercises in field locations, and is fully and completely aware of any associated risks created by field locations and weather.

By joining this workshop I acknowledge that I have read the above information concerning responsibility and release Scott Wyden Imagery LLC, their guides, instructors and any cooperating agent from any liability. Scott Wyden Imagery LLC, will assume no liability for injury, illness, or loss of personal property or expenses thereof associated with workshop participation.

People Who Employ Me

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External Linking Policy

We have created this External Linking Policy to outline our requirements for accepting a link from an external site. Scott Wyden Imagery LLC, welcomes links from websites that strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth in this policy:

If you would like to backlink to the resources on the Scott Wyden Imagery LLC, website, please be sure that the following guidelines are strictly followed:

    • The webpage where the link is being placed must be related to the photograph/article.
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Referral traffic coming from a backlinked site that is in violation of this policy will be blocked.