House Below The Milky Way

I am very proud to share this as the first of a series of photographs from Washington state. A few weeks ago I flew into Seattle, Washington to meet up with a group of friends. […]


Travel Photography With A Mindshift Rotation 180

I know it might feel comfortable or sound obvious to pack as much camera gear as possible for a photography trip. But I’m here to tell you that you do not need all of your […]


Scenes From New York City

Today I wanted to share some photos from around New York City. These were made during a photowalk I hosted in NYC for The Arcanum. I think this photo of the rubble serves as a […]


To The Right

This is another scene from Brooklyn, New York. The vibrant red painted brick wall, plastered with posters and graffiti act as a perfect backdrop for street photography. In fact, this is one of my favorite […]


Places You Go

The places you go matter. The people you meet matter. The things you do matter. The way you act matters. So make the best of everything you do. Be kind to one another. Be generous. […]


What I Learned As A Guest Editor At 500px

During the month of May (2015) I had the privilege, honor and pleasure of being a guest editor at 500px. Having the privilege is something very special as 500px doesn’t ask just anyone to join their […]


Wandering Roads

Today I wanted to bring the blog back to Brooklyn, New York. If you haven’t traveled to new places like Brooklyn yet I highly recommend doing so. It’s so different than Manhattan. It’s vibrant, rustic and […]


When A Random Photo Delivered Unexpected Happiness

Today I have the honor and pleasure to share a touching and incredible thing that happened recently. Just before a recent photowalk in New York City, I was hanging out with some of my Arcanum […]


#AskScottWyden – Sell Photos With WordPress or a Turnkey Solution?

Today’s #AskScottWyden is a really interesting one, and one that I wind up answering on nearly a daily basis. So I’m delighted to share this answer publicly for the world to see. Kevin asked, “I […]


Faith in Stone

I’m not a religious person. But I do believe in something higher than humans out there. I do believe in traditions. And I do respect religion.   My wife and I recently had a Hebrew […]


#AskScottWyden – Seeing Unicorns

Today’s question may not appear photography related, but just you wait! Justin asked, “Have you ever seen a unicorn?” In the video you will see my answer to this question. I want also point out […]



Whenever I walk around the streets of a city I always look up. I have to. Because if I don’t I will miss opportunities like this one. Meet Spike, a building which I happily named […]