Seeing The Finished Product Makes A Photographer Happy

As photographers, we do not always see the finished product. Whether it’s a commercial job or a family portrait.

For example, after a family session is complete and the photo is hanging on the clients wall, we might see it once. But we do not always see it year after year.

With commercial jobs, the photographs might be used for internal communication or annual reports. These are things photographers normally would not see.

But when there are jobs where you get to see, touch and hold the final product. It’s quite the beautiful feeling.

It Makes A Photographer Happy

I believe it was two years in the making, photography wise, and many years in the making for the writing side.  But finally, the Kanzen Kumite book is complete and being sold.


I’ve written about karate and photography many times. I even have a book about it, completely free, here in my store.

The book is not currently being sold to the public, however, so I did not want to photograph too many pages.  Right now it is being sold to the students of the school. In the future, that might change.

I was elated to receive a copy of the book, and looking through it I can see how effective the photographs were. They’re clear and illustrate the text content and instruction that they go with.

A lot of hard work went into the book from Zoku (the author), his students and myself. I think I can speak for everyone to say how happy we are to see it completed and out there in people’s hands.


If you’re a photographer, be sure to see the final products. It’s important.

If you’re a client, be sure to let your photographer see the final product. It’s important.

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  1. “As photographers, we do not always see the finished product” – isn’t that where the portfolio comes in? With a portfolio you could always go back and see your finished work – and with pride!

    1. You can’t always put your customers framed photo in your portfolio, or the printed book in your portfolio. So no, the finished product is not always your portfolio. The portfolio is typically your finished product, but not your customers finished products.

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