Whitman County Growers

Early June I was with a group of friends in the Palouse, Washington area. We went to photograph the rolling hills and the beauty architecture and farms.

We call the group NxNW (North by North West) although we also travel to the East as well.

This was the first year that we created a patch for the trip. The patch serves as a sign of friendship, and good times.

Armando Martinez designed the patch this year and included an iconic scene from the top of Steptoe Butte, which we had the pleasure of eventually photographing.

You can see the patch here, photographed by Justin Balog during the trip.

You can read the official recap of the trip at The Photo Frontier.

Now take a look at my photo of the Whitman County Growers below. As you can see, Armando nailed the scene perfectly.

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My photo of the Whitman County Growers was made during sunset one of our nights there.  My goal was to have the green fields dark with strong shadows and then have the sun illuminate the grain elevator and silos nicely with warm tones. The sun was in my favor that night.

I’ve tried to research exactly what the Whitman County Growers process, but I haven’t been able to find an answer.  So much of the Palouse region is wheat, barley and other similar grains. So it could really be many things. But if you know the answer, please comment!

Could this be the unicorn from the trip?

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