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What I Learned As A Guest Editor At 500px

During the month of May (2015) I had the privilege, honor and pleasure of being a guest editor at 500px. Having the privilege is something very special as 500px doesn’t ask just anyone to join their […]


Wandering Roads

Today I wanted to bring the blog back to Brooklyn, New York. If you haven’t traveled to new places like Brooklyn yet I highly recommend doing so. It’s so different than Manhattan. It’s vibrant, rustic and […]


When A Random Photo Delivered Unexpected Happiness

Today I have the honor and pleasure to share a touching and incredible thing that happened recently. Just before a recent photowalk in New York City, I was hanging out with some of my Arcanum […]


Faith in Stone

I’m not a religious person. But I do believe in something higher than humans out there. I do believe in traditions. And I do respect religion.   My wife and I recently had a Hebrew […]



Whenever I walk around the streets of a city I always look up. I have to. Because if I don’t I will miss opportunities like this one. Meet Spike, a building which I happily named […]


Lighthouse on the Rocks

Usually when you see a lighthouse photograph there is tons of water in between the camera and the lighthouse. But this photograph shows something else. It shows tons of rocks in between the camera and […]


An Unexpected Car Ad

Sometimes while walking the streets of New York City there are moments where things just click into place. For example, in this photograph of a Mini was on a busy intersection of NYC.  I noticed […]


The View Of Up

When looking through a camera’s viewfinder from the ground up at a building, there is distortion that occurs. This distortion causes buildings to look like a triangle. There are multiple ways to correct for this, […]


Free WordPress Introduction Class at B&H Photo in NYC

I am happy to share that I’m teaching a class at the B&H Photo event space in NYC. The class is called “WordPress for Photographers – An Introduction” and is 100% free! If you are […]


When Blown Out Highlights Work

Many times in photographs when an area is so white that there is no detail, the photo is not as attractive. In fact, many times, those blown out highlights don’t work and distract from the […]


Artistic Expressions Photo Contest

I’m honored to be judging another photo contest at ViewBug.  The topic this time is called Artistic Expressions, and I invite you to join! If you are not a member of ViewBug then please be […]


The Impact of Simplicity

Like the photos I shared the other day, these are very similar. The difference is literally color versus black and white. The color photo was cross processed using a white light balance to bring out […]