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Free Photography Guides Notebook For Evernote

One of the not-so-secret tricks I have up my sleeve is constantly compiling and creating charts to have with me at all times. These charts are not on paper, though. These charts are in an […]


Sometimes Simple Is Best

Photography can be done in so many ways. Subject matters can change depending on the photographer, even at the same location. Sometimes while walking around, doing street photography, it’s important to consider the simple things. […]


Reflecting With Reflections

I was looking through my photo archives and came across this photo. While processing the photo it had me thinking about some of the amazing photo trips I’ve had. It also got me excited for […]


Help Me Make Beautiful Women’s Clothing & Educate The World

Here is something extremely special I want to be a part of (and potentially can with your help), and it all starts with a cool story. My friend, Karen Hutton​, was approached by Vida to […]


Sometimes A Neutral Density Filter Just Isn’t Needed

The more common method of making the sky very dark, almost pure black, is to use a graduated neutral density filter. But an expensive filter like that is not always needed. Look at this photo. […]


The Everyday Photographer

I have recently started considering myself an everyday photographer. By that I mean, I don’t have one focus in my photography. I absolutely love travel and landscape photography. I also really enjoy street photography. But […]


The Cake Smash

It’s not often I photograph babies, but I find myself doing it more and more lately. Maybe that is a coincidence with being a dad. The photo here came out so great, partly because the […]


Asbury’s Casino

Asbury Park is one of my favorite places in New Jersey to visit and photograph.  There is so much history there. A while back I hosted a photowalk in Asbury Park and we started at […]


Breaking Down Those Creative Block Walls

There are times when photographers get into a creative block. It happens. I’ve written about it in the past. I’ve talked about going on photowalks and taking workshops to get out of the rut. Not […]


A Mexico Sunrise

July of 2011 is when Melissa and I got married in Mexico. It was a hot summer, and very humid in Mexico. This view is what we had the pleasure of seeing every morning when […]


Sitting in Central Park

While on an Arcanum photowalk a couple months back, we started and ended our journey in Central Park. As we’re about to leave the park I noticed this guy sitting perfectly on the rocks, minding […]


NYC From Above The Train Cars

The High Line is a special place to many New Yorkers.  It’s now also a tourist trap for outsiders. I’ve done many photowalks on The High Line, so it gets quite old, fast. However, this […]