This Is Pride

This is part three of my short shorty photographing the Obama family leaving for their last vacation during President Obama’s time as President.

If you missed the first two articles, read them here and here.

Even after the First Family boards Air Force One there is still a sense of pride in the air. Even with the intense heat I previously mentioned.

As the door of Air Force One closed, some of the Secret Service vehicles began to leave. Including the one directly in front of me. There it was. Marine One. And with someone from the Air Force standing at attention in front of it. What a moment, I thought.

A man, with so much pride and love for his country that he will stand steady, staring at an empty helicopter. Not completely empty, but no First Family on board.

Securing Marine One

What came next offered more heart warmth. As Air Force One began to move, three airmen saluted the plane. A plane! Not a man, not the First Family, but a plan. A giant one, at that.

Yes, the Obama family was inside, but they cannot see him. All they see is a beautiful blue and white airplane moving its wheels and headed to take off.

Saluting Air Force One

If these two photos do not give you respect and pride in your country, I do not know what will.

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