Safe Flight, Obama!

If you missed part one of this story, please read This Is Not Marine One.

This is the moment that over two hours of security checks and waiting around lead up to.

It was hot outside. It was brutal really. The sun was beating down and the humidity was at an all time high. In addition, we are standing around on a runway, which reflects the heat even more, and a giant airplane, vehicles and two helicopters on the ground. That’s a lot of heat!

But the First Family walked from the left to the right, towards the staircase. First the kids entered the plane, then the President and First Lady.

So much for such a short period of time. That’s what I kept thinking.

And yet, all of this for one person really. Just a man. A man who runs a country.

A man, his family and some friends and coworkers, on a giant airplane, going on vacation.

If you don’t understand patriotism and loyalty and pride and honor, you need to experience this. It’s one thing to see pictures. It’s one thing to see it on the news. It’s another thing to experience it in person.

I for one, am so honored to have been able to experience it. Whether it was a once in a lifetime thing, or if I will have the ability to photograph the next president boarding Air Force One. Either way, It was an amazing experience I will never forget.

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