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My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz. I am a father, blogger, photographer, and educator from Freehold, New Jersey. Freehold is a town about 20 minutes inland from the shore. It happens to be the original hometown of “The Boss”, Bruce Springsteen.

Growing up I felt as though there were three things holding me back from pursuing my dreams.

I am color blind, so I constantly mismatched colors for outfits and other things in my life. During college received assistance from my professors when printing in the darkroom. Today I rely heavily on color correction and precision tools to ensure accuracy.  My wife Melissa is helpful in that area as well.

Senior year of high school I discovered I was dyslexic and that explained so much from earlier years. Today I create content for a living, whether photos, videos or in text form. I use grammar and spelling tools to help catch an error that comes from my dyslexia.

Lastly, I was bullied heavily throughout high school. That plays a toll on your social abilities and your confidence. I have since learned to get past my insecurities and consider myself successful in so many ways.

I have a beautiful family, a job where I get to interact and teach other photographers and at the same time offer photography sessions to clients around New Jersey.

When not working, I spend time with my kids – dancing, tickling, going on walks, playing at the park, and of course, photographing them.

Photography is so important in my life – and it started when I was young. My biological father passed away before I turned two, so I never had the chance to get to know him. I mainly know him through stories my family tells and from photographs. My grandfather and my father were hobbyist photographers. So they always had cameras with them. Each of which is proudly displayed on my shelf next to my own equipment.

Photographs are an amazing thing. They tell you stories, make you smile or cry. They bring back memories you wish you remembered all the time. They help you connect with those near and far. The thing I love most about photography is being able to capture someone’s story.

I am a storyteller with a camera, offering family portraits, cake smash photography and personal brand photography in the Freehold, New Jersey area.


However, I believe in sharing knowledge any way possible and educating without fluff, in a straight to the point easy to understand style. I have written many books on photographic topics like long exposure, panoramic, and street photography. I am also the Chief Community Officer at Imagely, a company creating WordPress themes, plugins and hosting for photographers.

Whether you are here considering my photography services or if you are here to read the blog, download an ebook or photography presets, I want to thank you for stopping by and welcome to Scott Wyden Imagery.

15 Things About This Photographer

  1. I’m the father of a beautiful girl named Layla
  2. My wife and I adopted our amazing son.
  3. I have a huge collection of vintage cameras (way too many).
  4. People say my face lights up with excitement and care for the job.
  5. I am color blind and dyslexic, but find ways to work around it.
  6. I was in many bands and toured through from NJ to the midwest with one of the bands.
  7. I originally went to Berklee College of Music for college.
  8. I have a few tattoos on my legs and arms.
  9. My favorite animal is the Komodo Dragon and I have only seen them in person at zoos.
  10. Autumn is my favorite season. Winter is my least favorite.
  11. People feel comfortable around me like we have been friends forever.
  12. I try to provide the best advice possible whenever I can.
  13. I use the name Wyden to honor my biological father who was a hobbyist photographer.
  14. My eBooks have been published by Flatbooks and Peachpit Press.
  15. I am a purple belt in a local Goju Ryu Karate school.

It’s often said the proof is in the pudding. In photography, the photographs can really tell a person if the photographer is the right choice or not. However, it is always nice to hear and share feedback from clients and colleagues.

How I Can Help

All of my life successes, failures and experiences go into every project.

Every photo session is different and unique to the customer.

So I handle it as necessary, providing professionalism combined with creativity to produce a result that every customer is happy with and excited for. Whether it is a portrait or a business, quality is essential. Every customer receives an online gallery to browse and depending on the package, a thumb drive with the final photographs and the highest quality prints.

I am always accessible by email, Skype, Google Plus Hangouts and phone. Payments are made by cash, check, Square or PayPal.

Adopting Families

My family is in the middle of our adoption journey, for a second child. Proceeds from every sale and photography session go towards our adoption journey. Once our adoption is complete, I will be continuing the effort by donating to adoption fundraisers and grants as a way of “paying it forward”.

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