A photography store filled with courses, eBooks, presets & more!  A blog with text and video-based educational content created specifically for photographers.

Photography Courses


Camera to Completion: Lightroom Workflow Course walks through my entire process of Adobe Lightroom from in-camera, through organization, processing, proofing and delivering to clients or publishing on the web.

Long Exposure

Camera to Completion: Long Exposure Photography is an online course where you will learn how to photograph long exposures easily and efficiently.

Lead Generation

A lead generation course for photographers. Learn how to create a set it and almost forget it system which works for you when you sleep.


Camera to Completion: Process is more than just an online course. It’s how, why, what and where of my photography. This course contains video content demonstrating everything that goes into a photograph.


A free video series sharing the who, what and why of my camera lenses.

The Dojo

The Dojo is a monthly membership with access to all my photography courses in one place. Think of this like a Patreon. Except you get access to all my online courses on an ongoing basis, as well as exclusive content, first requests and one on one time.


Photography eBooks

Street Photography

The typical street photographer is an extrovert, and doesn’t mind getting close and personal with random people on the street. But what about the introverted photographers that want to try street photography?

Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is when a photographer uses specific methods, like longer shutter speeds and neutral density filters, in order to create an effect in a photograph. Often times the same technique is used to remove moving objects from a scene or smooth out water.

Panoramic Photography

Insights and techniques for creating segmented panoramic photography, which involves manually capturing a single row of photographs and combining them into a panorama. You will develop the skills that go into making panoramic photographs, from setup to capture and post processing. Along the way, you will pick up important tips on stitching and editing that will help you make great panoramic photographs–and have fun, too!

Martial Arts

Because a big part of karate is the community, sharing and education – I wanted to share my experience and thoughts in a free eBook. See what karate taught me about photography, and how important it is to understand the art of photography before photographing something so special.

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Other Photography Products

Social Templates

The simple and well organized Photoshop template will help you create multiple social media images with ease.

Photography Guides

Save hours of research and calculation with the free Photography Guides notebook for Google Drive

My Latest Video

  • Best Landscape Photography Settings & Tips
    Learn landscape photography settings for any camera. In this video, I answer a question from the community – asking for the best landscape photography settings. I talk about things to consider for your lens, your camera, and even stability for different situations. Dive into the best settings for landscape photography.

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