Freehold, NJ Family Photographer

So you’re looking for a family portrait photographer. I know how important it is to capture your family’s memories year after year. It is a story that will be shared with your children, their children, and their children’s children for generations to come. Family portrait sessions are fun, relaxing and something you will remember forever. See some examples.

Freehold, NJ Family Photographer

I am a New Jersey guy offering New Jersey families long-lasting memories.

Every year my wife’s side of the family gathers under a cherry blossom tree and documents our growth. And as you can see, we’re beginning to run out of room so the fun of it has grown with us.

Many other families have asked me to document their growth year after year. Annual family portrait sessions are a powerful way to tell your family’s story. Whether it’s a posed family portrait or a day in the life documentary-style session. It’s an honor and pleasure to be able to help tell your story.

As a member of Professional Photographers of America and Nikon Professional Services, I am dedicated to providing the smoothest, simplest family portrait experience around. With packages that don’t break the bank, any family can afford to document their story with beautiful photographs.


Be a part of the experience

Too often we are standing behind our cameras, or our phones, instead of being in the fun with family. Put them down and let me document what’s happening for you.

Be a part of your family’s experience.  Live the moment by letting me capture those moments for you.

Custom Wall Art For Your Home

Every family session comes with a complimentary wall art design consultation so you can be confident your family portraits will look amazing on your walls.

How Family Portraits Work

  • Prior to the session, we will have either an in-person, phone or email-based consultation.
  • On the big day, I will arrive at the location 30/45 minutes ahead of time to pick locations.
  • Please have every family member ready to go. There will be an additional charge if there are delays.
  • During the session, you are encouraged to sing, dance and make silly noises and faces. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable, relaxed and themselves. Have fun with the photographs!
  • If you have small children who are not yet comfortable in front of a camera, or too young to understand what is happening, then it could be a good idea to ask for someone familiar to attend the session. That way a friendly face is near me as I am capturing those precious moments.
  • Digital files for Facebook will be on a USB drive, supplied through Google Drive, or can be downloaded from the online gallery (whichever you prefer).

Get in touch and let’s talk it through.

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All About Family Portrait Photography

  • Celebrating Family in Dark Times
    While these short sessions might sound easy, they’re actually quite difficult. Mainly because I am wearing protective equipment, including a mask that could look scary to children. I am also far away using a very long lens. That means I can only engage with the parents and children so much. So at times, keeping the attention of children can be difficult. But I made it work, and came out with a bunch of beautiful photos for each family.
  • Surprise Proposal Photography in New Jersey
    Surprise proposal photography is when one person is proposing to the other, asking for their hand in marriage. The person being proposed to has no idea that it is coming and that I am there to photograph the moment it happens.
  • Family Portraits From Your Porch
    Family portraits with social distancing in mind. Have your family photographed on your front porch.
  • Photography is in my DNA
    My grandfather and father photographed so many events, trips, and other of life’s things. So photography is in my DNA. I am so honored to have their cameras alongside my own.
  • How my wall art design consultations work
    With many of my portrait packages, I offer complimentary wall art design consultation. So I thought I would take a moment and illustrate how it works.
  • Advice for Parents when Photographing their Children
    As a professional photographer who photographs families, and as someone who photograph 1 year olds for their first cake experience, I am often faced with parents who want to photograph their own daily lives. I get it. I mean, I’m a parent as well. So I always have my iPhone in my pocket, and my camera at my hip. No matter what the moment is, I am ready to photograph it or record a video of it.
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