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out of new yorkThe photography industry is a funny thing. It has its ebbs and flows. It has its ups and downs. It has its moments. It has its communities, its niches, and its clicks.

It also has a speaker circuit which I’ve had the honor of slowly joining.

In 2015 I spoke at multiple conferences, including a couple of WordCamps.  In 2016, I’ll be speaking and teaching in more places than I ever thought would happen.

For example, I left The Arcanum and joined The Photo Frontier as an Artisan in Residence. That’s a community for photographers to learn more than just technique. It’s a place to be inspired and to find your creativity and create your journey.

At the beginning of October, I will be speaking at Canada Photo Convention in Toronto, Canada. The topic is Image SEO.  I was caught off guard when Jasser, the founder of CPC, asked me to speak about the topic. Because it’s one, that is rarely taught at conferences. Heck, I’ve pitched it to PhotoPlus Expo and WPPI numerous times only to be turned down.  Jasser is great, and respects topics like SEO and knows that photographers do want and need to learn about it.

Not long after CPC, I will be speaking at Out of New York.  That’s the first conference from Chris Smith of Out of Chicago, outside of Chicago.  I’m very excited as the Out of Chicago conference is always talked about so highly. And Chris is such an awesome guy.

Out of New York

The conference is happening on October 14 and 15th with photowalks throughout each day, and photo walks classes on the 16th. Photowalk classes are hands-on classes with instructors out in the field.

I’m honored to be the first person at an Out of Chicago or Out of New York conference to be speaking about WordPress.

My 90-minute class will go beyond just what pages and posts are. I’ll be diving into selling images, workflow optimization, SEO and more. Here’s the class description:

25% of the Internet runs on WordPress. Learn about what makes WordPress such a powerful platform for your photography website. See how you can leverage themes plugins to enhance your online presence. Find out how to sell your photographs on your own website, on your own terms and without spending countless dollars on fees and commissions. This course will briefly touch on the basics, like posts and pages before diving into more advanced items like specific plugins and why to use certain settings over others. We will also go over search engine optimizing (SEO) topics to help you rank better on Google.

With all of this aid, I’m quite honored to be teaching classes among some other amazing photographers and educators, like Bryan Peterson, Rick Sammon, Lindsay Adler, Valerie Jardin, Frederick Van Johnson, RC Concepcion, Vivienne Gucwa, Steve Simon, John Kosmopoulos, David Carol, James Maher, Marie Laigneau, Juan Pons, Mike Moats, Rick Gerrity, Tim Grey, Gabriel Biderman, Neil Van Niekerk, Chris Gampat, Angie McMonigal, Anne Belmont, Ralph Velasco, Fim Welninski, Michael Muraz, Jen Hillenga, Chris Nicholson and of course, Chris Smith (found of Out of Chicago). That speaker list is impressive, so please don’t miss it. Each class is unlike anything you might have experienced at PPE or WPPI. They’re intimate, and you get into the nitty gritty.

I hope you’ll join me at my WordPress class, and on the photowalk, I’ll also be leading.

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