10 Reason to Join me at Canada Photo Convention

10 Reason to Join me at Canada Photo ConventionI will be speaking at Canada Photo Convention this October, and I thought it would be fun to get the planning process started early.  The fun, the photowalks, the adventure.

Canada Photo Convention is an inclusive family of like-minded pro photographers and underdogs from all over the world who meet twice a year at business-focused, resource-rich conferences to master the business of photography.

They expose the lie that better photos equal better income with a rock-solid approach to creative business training that helps photographers go from imposter to insider.

Join me at Canada Photo Convention

To kick things off right, I want to share my top 10 reasons that you should join me at Canada Photo Convention in Toronto.

  1. Jasser Abu-Giemi, the organizer of CPC, will be speaking about word-of-mouth referrals.
  2. Helena & Laurent Martin will be speaking about the chaos of working with your partner.
  3. James Day will be speaking about how he makes his photography job more enjoyable, even after 13 years.
  4. Kelly Redinger will be speaking about dealing with difficult brides before, during and after a wedding.
  5. Jenna Kutcher will be speaking about social media marketing for photography business.
  6. Bryan Caporicci will be speaking about the lie of busy
  7. Theirry Joubert will be speaking about storytelling with photographs.
  8. Mathieu Louis-Seize will be speaking about loving life, photography and everything in between.
  9. Nicole Ashley will be speaking about connecting with clients.
  10. I will be speaking about image SEO and how little it has to do with images.

There are many other speakers with additional fantastic sessions, but you’ll need to check out the CPC website to see who and what they are.

Photowalk Toronto

I want to photowalk Toronto with you, but being that I’m not from Toronto, or even Canada, I need help.

If you are from the are and want to plan a photowalk, please do. Keep me in the loop, though.

Plan it for either the first or second day of CPC and after the sessions end. Make it easy for attendees to join from the venue.

Make it awesome, and make it fun.

If someone wants to do this, please send me an email and let’s get it going. I will then share the details in a future blog post.


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