I Don’t Like The Facebook WordPress Plugin


If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has released version one of it’s new WordPress integration plugin.

Jonathan Bailey  at BloggingPro asks, Is Facebook integration really worth it?

I will start by telling you that I am 100% against using this plugin.


Well, Facebook is in our lives and will be for a very long time.

I use Facebook for connecting and communicating with old friends.  I also use it to market my photography and for Photocrati and its products and websites.  Facebook has slowly integrated itself with our every day lives, whether it’s the new iPhone integration (in iOS6), Bing integration or the useful (in my opinion) Facebook credits that you can purchase in grocery stores.

Now Facebook wants you to use their plugin to add every possible Facebook function that they offer, to your WordPress driven website.

Even if you are not a technical person, there are other plugins that can help you achieve similar results.

The Facebook WordPress Plugin for Photographers

For the average photographer, many of the features are useless.  However, if you run a magazine style website and need every possible social capability, then the plugin could be right for you.

For instance, if all you want is the Like button with your pages or posts, then use DiggDigg.  It’s a fantastic plugin that also gives you the ability to add other social sharing buttons to your website.  But don’t go overboard with clutter!

Facebook Comment Spam

Now, I’m going to go through some of the other features in the plugin and you tell me if you would use them and why you would.  Please – change my mind…

  • Post to an Author’s Facebook Timeline whenever they publish a new WordPress Post or Page. (useful, but can be done without the plugin by using Buffer)
  • Mention friends and Facebook Pages. This posts to their Timelines as well as lists them on the WordPress Post or Page. (useless in my opinion – would likely appear to page owners as spam)
  • Post all new WordPress Post or Pages to a specified Facebook Page. (useful, but Buffer is better)
  • Like, send, and subscribe buttons can be enabled in a click and are fully customizable. (useless – use DiggDigg or other plugins that provide more social buttons)
  • Facebook Comments, including full SEO support. (useless – there are already so many WordPress commenting systems, but it comes down to the default one being the best – not to mention the excess Facebook comment spam that gets by)
  • Open Graph Protocol integration. (Can be done with the WordPress SEO Plugin, which should be installed on your site anyway)
  • Recommendations bar, which allows users to click to start getting recommendations, Like content, and add what they’re reading to Timeline as they go. (useless in my opinion)
  • Activity Feed Box. This shows the Facebook user the activity that their friends are doing on your website. (useless – just log into Facebook if you want to see friend activity)
  • Recommendations Box. This shows the Facebook user recommendations of pages they should visit based on the actions their friends are taking on your website. (useless for visitors, more useful for website owners – should be an admin feature if anything)
  • Facebook Insights integration included. This plugin also supports internationalization and mobile. (useless, also done with the WordPress SEO Plugin)

Now let me ask you this… Do you really want Facebook advertising all over your website?  Do you really need all the Facebook garbage everywhere?  Is simplicity not enough?

Are you using the new Facebook plugin for WordPress?  Comment below and tell me why and how you’re using.

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  1. I agree very much. How much more can we let Facebook permeate every facet of our lives? Will it impact a site in a positive way? We include rss from Facebook, a few like’s and some comment boxes as needed, and that is as integrated as we are gonna get.

  2. I completely agree with you…

  3. I agree entirely. This plugin is just one more bid to try to take over social media and blogging.

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