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Facebook is always improving their Insights feature.  If you do not know what it is – think Google Analytics for your photography Facebook fan page.

If your Facebook is now using Timeline view, then you will notice a summary Insights show at the top (which can be collapsed with the Hide button)

But if you visit your fan page Insights then you will be able to see deeper insight into the engagement and reach of your posts and page.


As you can see in the screenshot, the bulk of my Facebook fans are between the ages of 25-34, with the majority Male.  Neat statistic, isn’t it?

Insights Are Useful

We are photographers, and we have businesses to run.

If you’re a wedding photographer, then your target audience is likely couples in your local area.  As you can see from my Insights, the city with the most amount of fans is New York City.  Being that its the closest city to me, that means as a wedding photographer I would be doing something right.

Languages help us because we would know if we need to hire a translator or an assistant that speaks the languages of our possible customers.

Being that English is the top two on my list, I obviously don’t need to worry about that (so much)

Have you found Insights useful in your own business?

Engaged Users

Facebook digs deeper into your fan page with the Engaged Users information.  It shows you which of your posts people like the most.

  • Link Clicks
  • Other Clicks
  • Stories Generated


As you can see with post of a shared link about the TSA banning air puffers from photography carry-on bags, a good percentage of those who viewed the post on Facebook wound up clicking the link.  People also shared it on their own personal and business Facebook pages.  Interesting?  I think so!

Hage you used the Engaged Users feature to see what people like reading?

I’d love to hear how you use Facebook Insights for your photography business.  Have you been using your Highlight and Pin To Top Facebook Timeline features?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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