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I’ve already talked about Facebook Timeline Header Images, Highlight, Pin Top and Insights for photographers.  Today I want to share a little trick to receive notifications of activity on your timeline.

One of the issues of the new timeline is the lack of notification to activity from your fans.  Previously there was the ability to see notifications in your personal notification section.  Now you how to look for a number in the sidebar which shows comments.

Here is a better option.

1) Visit your fan page and click the See All link in the Notifications panel.


2) Once you click See All, you will be taken to the full notifications page where there will be an option to get notification via RSS.


3) From this point you can copy the RSS link and use it in Google Reader… or…


If you haven’t done so already, create a IFTTT account and choose from the many methods to receive a notification to new activity.  I have mine set for sending an email.  You may choose a Twitter DM or something else.

Cool little trick, right?

Have your own trick?  Leave a comment to share with other readers.

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Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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