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WordPress For Photographers. Yes, you can be one and use the other. As photographers, we have to seek resources to learn about WordPress and web development. The other option is to hire a company to do it for us. If you’re like me, you’re a hands on, do it yourself person.

With that said, I have been fortunate enough to find a variety of great websites that have taught me a lot. I want to share these websites with you. Please visit the sites, and subscribe to their RSS feeds. You’ll learn a lot, and much of which I hope you find ways to integrate into your own websites.

Amazing WordPress Resources


They are the WordPress photography people, so it makes sense that they’d be one of the best resources for photographers to learn WordPress. Imagely doesn’t just share WordPress content, they share content that hits home with photographers.

They also host the WordPress Photography Podcast, which is 100% free to listen and learn from.

Facebook Group

Join the WordPress for Photographers group on Facebook and interact with other photographers wanting to learn.


Learn WordPress… fast! The WP101 video tutorial series is the fastest way to learn how to use WordPress! Who’s got time to read tech books? Our HD-quality “WordPress 101″ tutorial videos will show you how to use WordPress to create and manage your own website in about an hour. Ready to get started?


WPBeginner is a perfect guide for WordPress Beginners. Their articles offer a variety of WordPress tips, tools, themes, and other WordPress resources. is a free WordPress Newsletter, once a week, with a round-up of WordPress news and articles.


So there you have it. Things I have learned from these websites (and many more) have gone into creating customizing my WordPress website. If you have other suggestions or questions please reach out or comment below.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging,


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  1. Thanks for this, I will be sharing this to some photog groups on facebook. Lots of people are asking wordpress questions so this will be very helpful.

  2. Scott, thanks for the useful and informative links for WordPress noobs, but (and this is only meant constructively): “Resources For Photographers To Learn WordPress” feels a bit inaccurate, as in there’s nothing *specific* to photography and WordPress working together, for lack of a better phrase.

    I clicked through from Twitter expecting links to (by example) NextGen Gallery, various slideshow players, tips on getting my WP *photo* site higher up the searches. As I say, your links are useful & informative, but narrowing in on photographers specifically feels like you’re selling the article short, and leaving yourself open to seo/link-bait accusations.

    My 2 cents…

    1. Andy,

      If the article was writing about NextGen Gallery then it wouldn’t be learning about WordPress. It would be learning about a specific plugin. With that said, I appreciate the comment, but I see it very different. To me, Photographers learning WordPress would not talk to specific plugins or specific themes. Instead, it should talk to actual places to learn about WordPress – for people who are not coders.

      1. I see your point, but I respectfully disagree.

        By example: Something like was more what I expected when I clicked through to this post: Specific points that are directly relavent to photographers, beginning WP code or not. Sure, they don’t put a list of base WP resources (and I side with you that those are -invaluable- to photog’s, they should be there!), but as they’re specifying photographers in the title, they follow through with that focus in the post. Again, base resources (like yours listed) are missing, but the focus follows through on what the post title implies, in that it’s directed specifically at photographers.

        Yes, you links are 100% valid to a DIY wordpress site builder (photographer or not), but, as I sad in my original post, “narrowing in on photographers specifically (edit add: in the post title) feels like you’re selling the article short, and leaving yourself open to seo/link-bait accusations”. If you want to specify photographers in your post, what I was suggesting is to add specific photo-centric links, much like the creative365 post I linked to.

        Lastly: you say “If the article was writing about NextGen Gallery then it wouldn’t be learning about WordPress.”. Sorry, I can’t buy that. The raw fact that NextGen *is a plugin*, something required to understand if you want to grasp and power WP to it’s proper/full extent. To say discussing a plugin (any plugin) is not learning about WP is simply inaccurate.

        1. Pardon my occasional slapdash grammer/syntax, busy day…

        2. While I appreciate your comments and opinion, I disagree with your statement. The post on photocreative365 links to themes and plugins for photographers. That is not what my article is about. Mine is about resources for photographers to learn about WordPress (in general) – not resources that are specific to photography themes and plugins. As I stated in the article, “As photographers, we have to seek resources to learn about WordPress and web development.” The resources I linked to are for WordPress overall, not specific photography items. They are for photographers, who do not understand WordPress to learn about it in its entirety, not about photography specific themes and plugins.

          We will have to agree to disagree, but either way I hope you enjoy the links.

  3. Don’t forget Alltop – – huge list of for WordPress information.

    And you missed the most important resource for anyone wanting to learn more about WordPress – Going straight to the source and learning about the codex is something I highly recommend.

    Also, plugins and themes are very much a part of WordPress. In state of the word, the entire thing was about a focus on plugin integration and their importance within WordPress. Learning about themes helps people to learn about WordPress.

    Don’t forget that CSS is a big part of making any changes to a site. A lot of changes can be done on a purely CSS basis.

    I think there is a big difference in learning WordPress to simply USE it vs learning WordPress to customize and manipulate a Theme/design.

    1. These websites cover WordPress functionality, themes, plugins, CSS, jquery, etc. That is why I recommend each of them.

  4. Hey I didn’t say your resources didn’t provide the right information. They are great resources. From the title, I didn’t know if the article was about learning how to use WordPress instead of learning to code custizations, create plugins, code jQuery, ect.

    I just wanted to point some other value add resources that shouldn’t be missed. The biggest of all being – So many people don’t even consider it a resource but it’s the source if trying to learn things about customizing a WordPress blog in a number of ways.

    I could have just said “Thx, amazing!” but I opted to comment and offer something to the community at large. I can keep quiet if you’d like instead.

    I also mentioned a few other things because of your comments to Andy. I looked at the article he linked to and there is a part at the bottom that directs people to a few WordPress articles that would be of interest to photographers. It’s not a perfect example but I see what he’s saying – there is an opportunity to share specific articles from some of those resources instead of just saying “Look, these sites helped me with creating this website.” What articles were those? Why not share those? Thus, he mentions the link bait since we have no idea of any specific examples of tips and tricks that photographers could find of interest. Interestingly enough, the next gen example is tough too because there is actually quite a bit to Next Gen that a lot of photographers probably don’t know.

    It’s probably pretty nice to have people be openly giving you feedback to improve upon articles. I just hope you’re open to it. Kinda doesn’t feel like it though. :(

    1. These resources are more than just customization. They are also cover the basics of WordPress, but in my opinion, better than the WordPress website itself.

      Feedback is always appreciated, but the sole purpose of this article is to share links to resources to learn about WordPress overall. It’s as simple as that.

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