YouProof – Client Proofing of Photographs on Your iPad


One part of the photography business process that has always been tricky is the proofing aspect.

Since the dawn of time, or since photography became a business trade, photographers have used several methods of proofing.

  • Contact sheets in the darkroom
  • A box of cheap numbered 4×6 or 4×5 prints
  • A cheap book of numbered prints
  • An online gallery (I currently use NextGEN Gallery for proofing)
  • A slideshow gallery
  • Personal mobile gallery app

Until now there hasn’t been a great in-person iPad solution.  Preveal is amazing and my personal choice for selling prints in-person, but thanks to YouProof there is a new proofing option out there.

YouProof is new and limited to only photographs that you have already imported to your iPad.  That means you have to use iTunes in order to sync an iPhoto gallery to your iPad.  I believe that in the future other options will be added just as Preveal has done.  For example, Dropbox or maybe even NextGEN Gallery (knock on wood).

YouProof – Client Proofing for iPad

With that said, here is my first look at YouProof.

I love how simple the app is for proofing photographs.  You can swipe and organize Yes, No and Maybe choices with one click.  Emailing the order is very easy as well as it generated a PDF for the photographer.  You could also use it for proofing photographs to be used in an album or book by choosing the “other” product option.

I highly recommend YouProof for your photography business as a means to get face-to-face with your client and get them ordering prints and books.  Combine it with Preveal and you have one heck of an iPad sales machine.

The intro price is $29.99 until the end of December when it goes up to $34.99.

You can also visit their website to learn more.

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Sshhh…. 2 coupon codes are available. Copy it and redeem it in the iTunes App store on your computer or iPad and a free copy of YouProof is yours.

Update: the codes have been used as of December 31, 2013.

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