How Photographers Can Sell Prints With An iPad

Preveal is an iPad app that will enable you to capture a client’s room and place a photograph you took for them on their wall. The cool part, if you’re not physically hanging anything so there is no downside to the process.

Preveal is designed to take the guesswork out of selling prints by showing clients exactly what photographs will look like on walls, at the right size. The app lets you take a picture from your client’s room and easily make a mockup that they will relate to.

Take a look…

As you can see, it’s extremely easy to help a client visualize what their photograph will look like on a wall or their wall. Now, you can do it without any extra tools, however for precision, it is best to use a white piece of paper. Preveal will see the white paper and then automatically scale different sized prints to the exact size they would be when printed.

To do this, take a white paper and take it in place on your clients wall. Capture a photograph of the room with the paper, and then when done, remove the paper.

Use that photograph in Preveal and impress your client.

Also, it is worth noting that Preveal does offer stock images for you to use instead of taking a photograph of your client’s room. However, it’s always best for sales to be personal by using your client’s room. Here are their stock images.

Now, Preveal isn’t the only app of its kind on the market. In fact, there is a competitor that also has a fantastic tool. Shoot And Sell will also let you take pictures of a client’s room and use it in your mockups. There are also in-app purchases available for stock photographs.

Take a look…

You have now seen them both, and their prices are similar. My suggestion is to read up on both Preveal and Shoot And Sell, watch demos and give them a try. If you don’t like what you purchased, request a refund from Apple.

However, I feel that no matter which option you go with that you will be satisfied.

You can also read how to use apps like these to sell more prints by visiting my article at Artistic Photo Canvas.

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    1. If you sell one print through either of them, they typically pay for themselves.

  1. I think simply carrying around a tablet is a good way to “sell” yourself and your work. I’m not so sure about using this app, but I highly recommend carrying around a tablet (I have a Nexus 7) to show off your photos; I have all my videos loaded on mine, so I can show off my time-lapse cinematography.

  2. Just out of curiosity, how does this app compare to ProSource?

    1. I’ve never sent hat app, Leah so I can’t compare them.

  3. Oops, sorry, I meant ProSelect by TimeExposure. It’s more of an actual software that you can either purchase or lease. It’s definitely pricier that either of these two apps, but is also integrated with some of the fulfillment labs. Do either Preveal or Print and Sell have the capacity to show the images in B&W or Sepia? I like what you either offers based on your presentation. It’s definitely something to seriously consider.

    1. One of the huge perks of Preveal over ProSelect is that you can take it anywhere. This way, you can hold sessions in the client’s home if you choose and take a picture of their wall right then and there. Sales sessions in the client’s home offer an additional service as you go to them to provide your expertise in wall art. However, this is not always possible and many clients even prefer to meet at a neutral location…we all know Starbucks is quite popular with photographers. ;) Preveal does not give the option to change images to black/white or sepia within the app. Typically you would have already selected which images should be black/white, sepia or color (another way to provide your expertise!) and would have them within the Photos app or Dropbox for use.

  4. Nice presentation, Scott. I am definitely interested in an app like this, just need to decide which one I like best. I am leaning toward Preveal since it allows one to show a client their actual living space, which has a certain wow factor.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! It is always recommended to use the client’s home rather than stock images since…well, that is the purpose! Showing clients their own images on their own walls at the right size is exactly what sells!

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