Mango Smoothie

Meet Armando, a fantastic photographer from Colorado.  He is a professional retoucher as well and from what I understand his work is printed throughout Colorado on billboards. Neat stuff!

During our recent trip to Maine a waitress accidently called Armando the name Mango.  It turns out that when Armando was younger that people would call him Mango.  We got a good laugh. But then we all realized that Armando’s personality is very smooth and to the point.  So it hit us to start calling him Mango Smoothie.  The name stuck.  I don’t know for sure if he likes it, but he laughed as well the first time we said it.


Armando is also one of the two photographers who run The Photo Frontier.  There he and Justin Balog publish educational and inspirational ebooks, workshops and also very useful Lightroom presets.

This photograph was made at the Lawrence mills.  I asked Armando to pose as if he was making the best photograph he has ever made.  As you can see, he is fixated on the scene in front of him.


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