Don’t forget the textures

As we travel and walk around new and old places, it’s important to remember what’s not directly in front of us.

The background.

You see, there are textures and designs everywhere

Chicago Textures

If you were walking around, you would likely not pay attention to the molding in this doorway.

But the textures caught my eye. They’re colorful. They’re unique. They’re aged, with chipping paint.

City Textures

There are textures which when viewed at a distance, abstractly resemble a face.

It’s like a Picasso painting, man-made, in the streets.

It’s art, but it’s not. Yet it has become art to many – like me.

Yellow and Blue Textures

These textures were made during a workshop in Chicago. The walls in this area were covered in beautiful colors and graffiti. Most of which were tasteful. Some of which were not.

And although you might not think to pay attention, maybe now you will.

Because it’s important to not forget the textures.

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