Look For Textures & Light

I was recently on photowalk in the SOHO part of New York City, hosted by with Darlene and James, for the Digital photography School community.

For the photowalk I wanted to focus on textures and light.

So as we walked I looked for scenes like this.


Too often people walk past views like this and don’t acknowledge how cool they can be.

But to me, this is an incredible sight. It’s a combination of two forms of man-made items; brick wood. But it’s being morphed into something unique by sunlight, which is obviously not man-made.

I loved that when looking closely the shape is forming the letters I and T.

But as we continued walking we stumbled on a couple cobble stone streets, which are my favorite. (always have been too)

SOHO Street

I noticed the sewer cover sitting so nicely in the stone, next to puddles of water. Although the puddles were small, you could just make out the reflection of buildings in the distance.

So I got down low, sat on the curb and framed my photo while waiting for cars to pass.

The textures around New York are incredible. The light can cast such fun shadows.

Next time you’re walking around, stop and admire them. Don’t just walk by.

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  1. Very interesting!

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