Those Moments When The Sun Sets And You’re Heading Home

There are moments in every person’s life when the sun has set, and they’re returning home.

But just as you’re ready to hop in the car you hear something, or notice something at the corner of your eye.

While in Charleston, South Carolina recently that moment happened. But I was fortunate to have a camera on me.

So I quickly adjusted my camera’s settings for the dark scene and photographed this man playing his clarinet.

Those Moments When The Sun Sets And You're Heading Home

One of the things that caught my attention was the sound. It was not a trumpet. It was not a guitar. It was not a saxophone. Instead, the man was playing the clarinet. That is not something you hear on the streets often. It is a rare treat.

If you read about my history then you know I play the clarinet. In fact, playing the clarinet is what got me accepted to Berklee College of Music straight out of high school.

This photo was made outside of the Historic Charleston City Market, which is known for having musicians come out at night.

I decided to keep the man’s face dark, in the shadows. I could have kept him illuminated, but I think the way it is he’s mysterious.

Next time the sun goes down, and you’re about to head home… wait. Listen and look.

Something awesome might be around the corner.

Something awesome, and worth photographing, might be around the corner.

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