The Unicorn And The Bean

I have this unicorn that I travel with whenever my daughter cannot travel with me. It used to be all white. But she decorated it, as requested.  I call this Project Unicorn Travel. Eventually, I will turn the unicorn photographs into a fun book that she can enjoy the rest of her life.

It’s my way of keeping her with me wherever I go.

During my Out of Chicago photowalk at Crown Fountain and Millenium Park, we stopped at The Bean.  It’s an art piece which is likely the most well-known and widely seen thing in Chicago.

It’s reflective, curved and giant.

My goal before even seeing The Bean in person was to photograph the unicorn so that it looked giant in the reflection. Turns out that’s not possible due to the curves of the structure.

However, I tried placing the unicorn in multiple locations around and under The Bean.

The Bean

Then while directly in the middle, underneath The Bean, I found the perfect photo.

It was fun.

It was abstract.

It was touristy.

It was shiny.

It was colorful.

Ths is my unicorn photo from Chicago.

The Bean Unicorn

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  1. I like you love photography and I carry a “Danbo” which is a small figure whose arms move and head moves and can light up. My daughter has a family and she photographes them for the general media. That is fun but my daughter takes pain to set the shot up ;but that is still fun. A photograph is taken each day by her.

  2. I really like your artwork thanks for sharing

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