Waiting for the right moment

There are times when we, as photographers, have to make a choice.

Do we forget the framed photo and keep moving. Or do we stop and wait?

Most of the time I prefer to wait.

Here’s an example. In this photo from Chicago, I was teaching a workshop and we stopped at a park that had these steps going underground.

I noticed the harsh shadows on the steps and the of the railing. There was so much horizontal I knew in my head I wanted someone wearing horizontal stripes in the frame.

People kept walking up and down the steps.

But no one was “right.” Some people were wearing the right clothing but were too close to the railing or the edge. I needed someone placed better.

Waiting for the right moment

And then finally, after just about 10 minutes of waiting, this woman walks down the steps.

Patience pays off.

She was the perfect subject for the frame. Properly placed, and the exact outfit needed.

She blends in, but not too much.

Waiting for the right moment pays off.

Trust me.

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