LumoPro C-Stand Review

C-Stands are amazing products. They are just like your average light stand, but they’re far sturdier allowing you to hold heavier lights and modifiers.

I have always used standard light stands because I have never needed a C-Stand. However, when I was building my standing desk I wanted to heavy duty light stand for the frame of the desk.


So I contacted my friends at LumoPro to see if I could try the C-Stand for use in the standing desk and for my photography in general.

I am happy to share that the LumoPro C-Stand is everything I hoped it would be. It’s extremely strong with no wobble like a standard light stand.

standing-desk-04The way a C-Stand works is this… The legs look like a spider’s legs, with angles instead of straight folding legs like a standard light stand. The legs fold flat instead of folding up towards the stand’s pole. The pole also is removed and inserted into the legs for portability.

Due to the leg’s angles, it’s easier to drape sand bags over them for when needed.

The pole itself has multiple extensions which allow it to reach 105″, which is amazing. With it I have no concerns about reaching the heights I have not been able to reach with standard light stands. Even with all that metal, the C-Stand really isn’t that heavy. In fact, even with the attachments for my standing desk, I can still carry it around the house without a problem.

Although the product photo is shiny metal, the stand I received is a nice matt black color, so light will not be reflecting off the stand, if ever the chance occurred.

The LumoPro C-Stand is my latest addition to my studio work arsenal. I will be using it for:

I’m sure I will find more uses for the C-Stand as well. For $99, this puppy is a must have for anyone who needs a heavier duty light stand. As mentioned, it’s still easy to transport to don’t have any reservations about that. Pick one up and try it.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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  1. Thanks for the review I have been looking for review of the LumoPro C-stands for a while, will be picking up a few.

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