Looking Silly in Photographs
My younger brother got engaged!

looking-silly-in-photographs-iphoneSometimes as photographers we make our subjects look silly, and sometimes we make ourselves look silly.

For example, in the first photo you will notice it’s a behind the scenes view (which my wife captured). It looks like I am photographing the couple’s butts.  I’m down on a knee and the couple is standing with their backs towards me.

What is really happening is that I am photographing the couple holding hands.  Yes you can see their legs in the photograph, and even their surroundings a bit.  But the main focal point of the photograph is their hands.

Because this was an engagement session I needed to get some creative photographs where the ring is visible, but not so posed that it looks unnatural.

The end result is the photograph below.

It was photographed with a Nikon 85mm f/1.8 lens, which meant I had to step back a pretty good distance to get the right framing.

I processed the photograph to bring out the colors of their outfits and also some sharpening on the hands.

Looking Silly in Photographs

So next time you think you look silly in a photograph, remember that the photographer might also look silly photographing you. That could bring on some natural smiles.

So who looks silly now?


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    1. Thanks Mike. Melissa is all about photographing me in my element. I’m lucky enough to have tons of iPhone photos like that!

  1. I love getting behind the scenes photos to show the odd positions we photographers get into for the shot. We should all be used to strange looks in public by now. Great capture!

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