Leica M9 & The CustomSLR Camera Strap

Along the Leica M9 Journey I found the best camera strap solution for me…

Many Leica M9 shooters use the original strap (which isn’t very comfortable) or use expensive and overpriced straps.

I prefer comfort at a good price.


Leica M9 Strap

When I got the Leica M9 I used the original Leica strap while waiting for the CustomSLR Split Strap to arrive.  I heard nothing but great things about CustomSLR and love that they use Kickstarter to generate the community around their innovative products.

Now, I know Eric Kim used the CustomSLR glide strap solution by using the C-loop.  However, I’m not a fan of the hang upside down style of strap systems so I went with the “old school” style of using a camera strap.

The cool part about the CustomSLR strap is that no matter which system you decide to use, you’re still getting the ergonomic strap.  Not only is it comfortable (even with my Nikon D700 w/ grip) but it stays on your shoulder.


What caught me off guard (in a good way) when I opened the packaging, was to see two sets of camera end straps.  Because the CustomSLR system has releases so you can detach the bulk of the strap in seconds, they provided a second set of camera end straps.  That makes it possible for me to use the strap on the Leica M9 or Nikon D700 – just not at the same time of course.

Neat, right?

Leica Metal on Metal

If you ever looked at a Leica M9 out of the box, you may have noticed that there was something missing where the straps belong.  Most DSLR bodies come with a little circle or triangle ring where the strap would feed through.  On the Leica M9, there is none.  That is be caught the ring is built into the original strap.

Here is the solution…

Pick up a couple small but strong key rings from store.  Then visit your local art store and purchase a strip of black leather fabric.  Why?  This leather is going to act as a cushion so there is no metal on metal contact with the camera body.  This $2 piece of leather is what the fancy $100+ straps have included,

Take a look at the Instagram shot above and you’ll see what I mean.

So there you have it.  A simple way to get an amazing camera strap, and protect the Leica M9 camera body from scratches, at an affordable price.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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