Target Marketing Magazine Cover Shoot

About a month ago I was hired to photograph the president of a subsidiary of 1-800-Doctors for the cover of Target Marketing Magazine (April 2012).


The magazine was very specific of what they didn’t want from the photos, but left the rest of the ideas to me.

I love it when that happens.

Guidance without too much guidance is a great thing!

When I arrived at the headquarters for 1-800-Doctors I walked around for a little, to scope out possible locations.  I was pre-warned that the company is moving locations so the office is very bare bones, so what I saw what not a shock.

There were two locations that was decided on.

Cover Shoot Locations

  1. The conference room was made of of multiple tables and a large screen TV high up on the wall.
  2. A small office with a window and large external monitor

First Location

For the first location, I set up a softbox overhead, an umbrella at a distance to light the area completely and a bare strobe for the white ceiling to add more fill.

I wasn’t very happy with the first location because the big screen TV was so high up on the wall, but we made it happen.  It turned out that the best method to getting a photo in this room was to have Hughes present the product.  I captured about 60 frames for the magazine to choose from.

Also, letting a client use your iPad helps as well!


Second Location

The second location was more fun for me.  One of my favorite CEO portrait styles is overhead and casual.  The only issue I ran into was the tight space of the room.  Again, I used a softbox.  However, this time that was all I used.  One softbox overhead, the light from the room and the light coming from the outside.


I mentioned already that I gave Hughes my iPad to use in the shoot.  On top of that, we loaded a screenshot of the product talked about in the article.

In Conclusion

In the end, Target Marketing Magazine picked two photos from the entire series which would be used in the magazine.  However, with the magic of cropping, the photos were used multiple times in the magazine and each looks to be their own.

Thank you Target Marketing Magazine for the opportunity and thank you Hughes for being a great subject.

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