Layla’s Cake Smash

My daughter, Layla, turned one last month. So Melissa and I set up a scene, with lighting, like I would normally do for a client’s cake smash.

Melissa and our friend Steph baked a heart shaped cake for her.

Everything was ready to go, and then we placed Layla in the spot to start capturing photographs.

Turns out, Layla wanted nothing to do with the cake.


The funny thing is, Layla loves chocolate. She loves sweets.  She loves desserts, especially if mom or dad are eating it.

When it’s time for her to enjoy a cake of her own, she wants nothing to do with it.

I still managed to make many cute photographs of her, and just as we were ready to pack it in for the night, I had Melissa put Layla belly first on top of the cake.

Then came the tears.

But it’s ok. Any other time she’ll enjoy a cake.

My little girl is very picky. She knows exactly what she wants, and we love her for it.

I’m sharing this because you can pose all you want. But most of the time, candid photographs tell a better story.

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  1. Brings to mind the age-old adage: “You can bring a baby to a cake, but you can’t make her smash.”

    My son didn’t smash his cake either. He very carefully picked at it tho.

    Kids never do what you tell em to, eh?

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