1 Beautiful Reason Candid Moments Are Better Than The Posed Ones

If you were born in the 80s, you know the phrase, Kodak moments. It was a trademarked slogan used by Kodak for so many years.

Today I want to share one beautiful reason candid moments are better than the posed ones.

I was at the park with my family and my brother’s family. We were doing a bunch of posed family photos. Afterwards, we went to the playground in the park we were at.

The kids were playing and my daughter was on the swing. She loves swings.

So instead of forcing some pose, or positioning her somewhere specific, I adjusted my camera for that moment.

Candid moments like these bring out the emotion and love in faces.


Look at this photo and tell me my daughter hates the swing. How can you?

She has the biggest grin on her face. She’s having a blast.

This candid moment trumps every posed moment I have ever made for my daughter.

And candid moments like these are the ones I will cherish forever.

So next time you’re in the market for family photos, or next time you’re photographing family photos, don’t pose them. Enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the moment with candid family photos.

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