Picking A Theme For A Cake Smash Photo Session

When your baby turns one, it’s common to do a cake smash photography session, documenting the first experience with cake.

Some parents are unsure what to do with the theme for the cake smash session.

Not all sessions need a theme, so that’s the first thing to be aware of.

However, when it comes to picking a theme, think about what your child loves.  What makes your child smile and laugh.

Picking A Theme For A Cake Smash Photo Session

In the case of the cake smash session you see here, the child was sporting (pun intended) a baseball outfit, with baseball balloons and a baseball cake. The theme was baseball and the child loved it.

My gift to him was a whiffle ball bat, which first served as a prop.  We also picked up the baseball balloons, the number one, a foam number one finger and the entire scene was decorated for the big game.

Sometimes choosing the theme is right in front of you. Literally step back and watch your child. See what he or she plays with the most. Go with that as your theme.

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