Paityn’s Golden Chocolate Cake Smash

Paityn's Golden Chocolate Cake SmashPaityn loves chocolate cake, as you can see.  For her cake smash, we set up in front of a gold window curtain, on a wooden floor. That was done so that her skin tone glows more with the chocolate all over.

She had so much fun digging into the cake like a little princess. She literally took tiny pieces off the cake, at the beginning.

Then eventually took bigger chunks off the cake.

Eventually, she was painting herself and the floor.

Some parents prefer paper backgrounds for their children’s cake smash photos. But in my opinion, lifestyle photos like this are so much more enjoyable. Because you get the environment in it. You get your home in it.   And your child feels more natural sitting on the floor than sitting on a backdrop.

I know cleaning up a mess like this isn’t an appealing thing. It’s not enjoyable at that point.

But remember one thing. Cleaning your child is easy. And if your child is small enough, or your sink is large enough, you can do a quick pre-bath wash directly following the cake smash.

Paityn Cake Smash Cleanup

If you were to hire me for a cake smash, I’d likely recommend using your home as the scene. But if you’re concerned, then no worries. A white backdrop is always a good backup plan!

Want an example?

Take a look at this cake smash photo.

You will notice that the paper is highly decorated. The mother handled the decoration, and that’s what I recommend if you prefer a white background.

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  1. She looks like she’s having fun!

  2. Awww… what a little cutie! So adorable – any parent would treasure cake smash photos like these of their little one! Love!

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