The Force Is Strong With These Cufflinks

The Force Is Strong With These CufflinksMy wedding was on a beach in Mexico, so my groomsmen and I dressed for that environment.

I’m not a fan of getting dressed in a tux and uncomfortable shoes.  But I appreciate the look.  And I love it when I see people make formal dress fun and playful.

That’s what the best man, and brother, did for this wedding.

As you can tell, the cufflinks are not typical tux cufflinks.

They’re the Millenium Falcon, from Star Wars.

If you’re curious, check out the cufflinks on Amazon.

As a lover of Star Wars, I couldn’t go through the getting ready photos without getting a photograph of the cufflinks specifically.

The groom and groomsman are both hobbyist photographers and obviously lovers of Star Wars. So they understood perfectly.

I didn’t do something this for my wedding, but I did for the day after my wedding. I wore this Tie Fighter tux t-shirt.

I photographed this using the light coming through an open balcony door in the hotel room.  I exposed and focused on the cufflinks, but wanted the groomsman to be in the frame and soft.  I used a Mastin Labs Fuji preset for Lightroom as a starting point for processing. In fact, most of the processing I did for the wedding began with Mastin Lab’s film replications. I did that because the groom photographs to film.  I figured he would enjoy the photographs having the feeling of film, since that’s what he loves.

What did you do special for your wedding that was extremely personal to you?

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