Stories Start Somewhere

Stories Start SomewhereEvery wedding, every couple and every person have a story.

As photographers we’re storytellers.

But to tell a good story, you need to start from somewhere.

And every story starts somewhere.

The couple who’s wedding I photographed in New Orleans met in college and live in New York City. This was a destination wedding, and nearly all guests came from the New Jersey or New York area.

The couple has similar jobs and complimentary personalities.  They’re a great fit!

The photograph you see here is the bride’s mother getting her makeup done by a bride’s maid.

There are many ways to tell a story like you see in this photo. However, the couple wanted artistic photographs, so I dug deep into my creativity and went with noir style black and white photography for so much of the wedding.

For this photograph, I used the backlight from the window, and that was all. The result was a dark and emotional photograph that portrays that moment of the day. It was quiet, and everyone was in preparation mode.

My favorite aspect of this photograph is the rim lighting and soft light you get on shoulders, arms, and faces.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to some more photographs from the wedding, and also some of the how and why I photographed them how I did.

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