Capturing Emotion

She said, “He doesn’t smile.”

“I don’t smile,” he said.

“I know,” was my reply.

I have known the groom for some time and rarely does he show too much emotion. Usually, it’s when we are chatting about photography stuff. But even then, it’s rare.

But when he asked me to photograph his wedding, I took it upon myself to challenge myself. I had a goal to photograph him showing emotion.

Capturing Emotion

As you can see, I accomplished my goal. Here is how.

Knowing someone is half the battle. Knowing what might trigger an emotional response from a person. This comes from getting to know people over time as well as asking the right questions before the event or session.

The other part is knowing what you are photographing. In this situation, it’s a wedding. If you do not know how weddings work or are structured, then you might miss those opportunities. I talked about this idea as it related to action photography too.

Knowing what to expect, I waited for the exact moment where he smiled.  Not only that, but the smile was large and true. It was not a fake photography smile. It was a true, genuine moment.

Mission accomplished.  And this was just one of the dozen times I was able to capture such a moment.

“See, he smiles,” I told them both.

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  1. You did indeed accomplish your goal!
    The smile is like a burst of sunshine!

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