Cake Smash Session – Decorating for Cake Smash Photographs

The cake smash session is more popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world. But it’s a growing genre of photography, so I thought I would share some advice for you. If you’re a photographer, or a parent, thinking of doing a cake smash session, this video will show you how to decorate for a cake smash photograph.

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Cakes mash photography is something I’ve been doing now for about six or seven years, and it is basically when a child that traditionally when a child turns one. You set them up on us in a set, and you photograph them with their first time eating cake. Now, this might be an American tradition, but it’s something that I’m seeing happen around the world. More and more because it really is a lot of fun it’s a lot of fun for the kid it’s a lot of fun for the parents. And right now I want to talk about decorating for cakes mass session. Hey, this is Scott one kibbutz a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about in this video. We’re going to be talking about decorating for a cake smash photography session. So I have a tradition that when I do, it kicks mash photography session. Not only do I decorate I get pick up some decorations for the set but I also wind up giving the child a present of some sort whether it’s goofy or serious or just something that could be used as a play thing down the road.

A good example of this is one of those sessions I did was a baseball theme. So what I went up doing was a bunch of balloons that were had baseballs on them. I had a bunch of other baseball type decorations hanging on the backdrop of the set. I basically use a seamless white paper, and then I tape on using scotch tape or gaffer’s tape depending on what the prop is that I’m hanging. I will then hang whatever it is from the backdrop. And for this particular session for the gift for the child, I wound up doing a fun Wiffle ball bat that was more his size. Now I’m preparing for another Kix mass session right now that by the time you see this video of the session that has already happened so I will share a photo if I can. Right at the end as long as the parents give me the ok this session the theme the colored theme is white and light blue. And the theme for the cakes mash and the child’s birthday party are clouds. Now that’s a very difficult theme to do because it’s not a lot of props that could be used in the set itself with clouds to get creative.

My first stop for cakes smash session props a party store, and I pick up a bunch of balloons as you can see here there are some light blue balloons in here. So before the session, I will wind up blowing up the balloons, and we will bring the balloons to the set and the child can then play with them throw them to hit them whenever and it’ll be a lot of fun. Next up is this.

This garlands basically that you can scream horizontally or let them drop vertically. I am gonna let them drop vertically from the backdrop, and there’s gonna be a bunch of dots that are glittery, and it’ll be a really nice sort of because they’ll be blurred out because of the bouquet and whatnot. It might sort of resemble some clouds maybe not, but it adds some nice light blue color pop to the set. Now what I am doing for this child is actually bringing a light blue bib that goes with the rest of the set and the child will be able to keep this and they could use this for real if they want after for the child to eat on a regular basis or they can just use it for play, and you can see as a cute little bow tie, and it says I am one. It’s just fun. It’s cute. And I think the parents will really like it. So basically when you’re preparing for a cake smash photography session, the key is to go to stores locally that sell props and things for parties like a party store. And if all else fails go to a chain store go to an art store go to a target. Anything that sells think products that might be useful for this. I’ve done baseball themed I’ve done Mickey Mouse themed I’m about to a cloud theme there’s always ways to figure it out. You just have to go to physical stores to find the props. Etsy is nice and searching Google is nice, but you don’t always get your. You need to get your hands on the UN what could be used to really determine if it will benefit you if you like this video click that subscribe button below. Now I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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