Lightroom Mobile Presets – Where To Find Presets for Lightroom Mobile

I noticed a question in a Facebook Group asking where to find the best Lightroom Mobile Presets. The question caught me off guard because I assumed everyone already knew that you don’t need mobile presets for Lightroom. I figured everyone already knew that any Lightroom presets can be mobile presets through syncing from your computer to mobile. Turns out I assumed wrong, and you know what happens when you assume. All kidding aside, in this video, I share my answer to that question.

Download my Lightroom presets.

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I saw a question on facebook that I just had to answer this question that I saw on facebook said, where can you find the best lightroom mobile preset packs? Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with the camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. In this video we’re going to be talking about lightroom mobile presets. I saw a post on facebook in one of the facebook groups that I’m in asking about lightroom mobile preset packs, and specifically where to find the best lightroom mobile precept packs. So I want to address this because a lot has changed in lightroom mobile recently, a few months ago. Light Room was updated. Lightroom mobile is updated, lightroom, classic cc, lightroom, cc and lightroom mobile. Oh, updated. And with it came a whole new preset system. And with that came sinking of your light room presets.

So when you ask or are thinking about where to get the best lightroom mobile presets, really the question needs to be where to get the best lightroom presets. It used to be that you actually had to find a work around to sort of hack to get your presets into lightroom. In fact, I even built that for my own lightroom preset pack. You can click that card right there to check out those presets. With this change now, all you need is lightroom, classic cc, lightroom, cc and lightroom mobile. When you have all three of those things, you can now sync your presets from lightroom classic cc, sync those two lightroom, cc, and then sync the ones from lightroom cc to lightroom mobile. It’s that easy. So if you were interested in lightroom presets for lightroom mobile, click on that card up above where. Click at the link in the description below and check out my lightroom presets. Thanks for watching.

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