Personal Brand Photography in New Jersey

The world has been seeing more and more influencers on the Internet, impacting what we think, what we buy and much more.

People like Ninja who is the highest performing gamer.

People like Marques Brownlee and Casey Neistat who are two of the top YouTubers.

In a way, I could even be considered an influencer as I am a photography educator who teaches at conferences, workshops and online.

No matter the genre, influencers have one thing in common. They have personal brands.

Personal Brand Photography in NJ

As someone with a personal brand, you need photographs that connect you deeper with your community. You need photographs that tell your story.

Here are some statistics that strengthe my belief that such photographs are essential for your personal brand.

  • Blog posts with a photo every 100 or so words, get 2x more shares!
  • Visual content, like photos and videos, are shared 40% more on social media than anything else!
  • Your likely to get 60% more inquires if your photos show up in local search results.
  • Get 3 X more engagement on Facebook by sharing images!
  • You can get 40% additional Likes on Instagram by showing your face!
  • Your brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text!

For years I have been offering portraits for business people in the form of lifestyle portraits and headshots. But it wasn’t until I realized the power of personal brand photography that I put packages together to make the process of influencers to get everything they need in one simple way.

My personal brand photography packages start at $2,000 but come with enough photographs to help your social media and other marketing efforts for an entire business quarter. The contract is clear cut as well, providing you with unlimited rights to use the images, and to modify them for your brand.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

If you are a chef, tour guide, YouTuber or any other genre of small business owner with a personal brand, then have a look at my personal brand photography page. I’m accepting a limited about of personal brand photography clients, mainly in New Jersey. But I am available to travel as an add-on to the packages.

Let’s talk!

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