Essential Business Books For Photographers

There are so many business books for photographers on the market. If you are just getting started with a photography business, or looking to learn more about it then this is the right article for you

In previous “essential” articles, I shared WordPress plugins for photographers and WordPress themes for photographers. Today I am going to share essential business books for photographers.

Business Books For Photographers

In this list, you will see books that cover accounting, contracts, marketing, releases and a variety of other business related topics.


Best Business Practices for Photographers is one of the best selling business books for photographers.   It is a comprehensive guide to achieving financial success and personal satisfaction in a business as a photographer. Topics include:

  • licensing your work
  • Staff photographer to a freelancer
  • Surviving an IRS audit
  • Interacting with clients
  • Negotiating contracts and licenses
  • Business operations


Legal Handbook for Photographers discusses the legal side of the photography business.  This legal manual helps photographers understand the basic matters of:

  • Access and privacy
  • Shooting images on private property
  • Consent
  • Photography of public groups

This book even details photographing currency, stamps, securities, trademarks, seals, and insignia; military and nuclear installations; copyrighted materials; children; and animals.  If you want to read a book before talking with a lawyer, this is the one to pick up.


Photographer’s Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion  discusses modern methods of marketing yourself as a photographer mixed with the classic methods.  The book was written more how I like to read marketing books – straight to the point.

  • Selling Books/eBooks
  • Publicity
  • Direct mail
  • Networking
  • Prospect research


Real Business of Photography is an older book, but talks about the business in its raw.  Learn how difficult it will be and some strategies to overcome the difficulty by picking up this book.


Commercial Photography Handbook  was written specifically for commercial photographers (obviously).  If you plan on photographing products, commercial properties, business portraits, stock photographs or anything else that falls into the category – then this is the right book for you.  Learn about:

  • Challenges of succeeding in the industry
  • Marketing techniques
  • Negotiation skills
  • Estimating
  • Charging
  • Maximizing profits while minimizing expenses,
  • Ethical business behavior
There are many other business books for photographers with a niche, so if you want to see more, I recommend doing a quick Google or Amazon search.


Like the previous book, Marketing Fine Art Photography has a specific niche.  This book is recommended if you’re plan is to create a fine art photography business.  Fine art photography is extremely difficult these days, so in this book you will learn:

  • Wholesale, retail, and consignment
  • Knowing your customer
  • Where to sell and how to price
  • Marketing
  • Salesmanship
  • Profitability
  • Packing and shipping
  • Common mistakes
  • Unique selling proposition


The Photographer’s Market book is more than just paragraphs on pages.  The series is updated each year with big lists of all the places where you can make money with your photography business.  In the book you will see up-to-date listing of: (but not limited to)

  • Magazines
  • Book publishers
  • Greeting card companies
  • Stock agencies
  • Advertising firms
  • Contests


Business of Studio Photography is one of the tried and testing books on the market.  It’s extremely popular and has helped thousands of studio photographers with their wedding photography business. Inside you will learn:

  • Location
  • Financing
  • Equipment
  • Digital shooting
  • Proofing & ordering
  • Marketing
  • Web advertising
  • Public relations
  • Self-promotion
  • Pricing
  • Negotiating
  • Business plans


Photo Booth Rental Business is yet another niche book.  If you are considering a photo booth rental service as a value-add to your wedding photography business, then this book is ideal.  This book will teach you how to make over $1,000 for each wedding or event.


Last and definitely not least is the ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography.  This book as been one of the essential business books for photographers starting their research for so many years.  Inside you will learn:

  • Digital asset management
  • Metadata standards
  • Business and legal questions
  • Pricing and negotiating
  • Ethics
  • Rights in traditional and electronic media
  • Legal forms

Photography Business Secrets: The Savvy Photographer's Guide to Sales, Marketing, and More


Photography Business Secrets: The Savvy Photographer’s Guide to Sales, Marketing, and More is a book from Lara White that will cover establishing a brand, policies, prices, a marketing plan, networking, and so much more.



The Art Of A Photo Business: what every photographer wished they learned before starting their photography business by Angela Pointon is a fantastic eBook for any photographer who wants to know the truth about starting their photography business.  In the book, Angela will teach you about the highs and lows about being a professional photographer running your own business.

Additional Business Books For Photographers

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Are there business books for photographers that you recommend?  Comment below and share so that I can add it to the list.
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