Have you poked the box?

Have you picked up a copy of Seth Godin’s new book, Poke the Box?  If you haven’t yet, you must.  It’s a short book, but each page is inspiring.

What is poking the box?  In the book, Seth describes just where the phrase originated.  However, to sum it up; Poking the box is doing something you haven’t tried.  Making something happen.  The second part of poking the box is shipping it, or delivery.  Going through with it.

From Seth

Seth tells many real life stories of his own experiences, his friends and famous people that so many look up to.

What I found so interesting about Poke the Box is how Seth explains the failure portion of poking.  To have success you must fail.  Starbucks happens to be one of the examples that Seth uses in the book.  Did you know that the original Starbucks store was a failure?

How I poked the box


  • Devil Duck – book and website idea that went south quick because someone else was already had the same concept
  • Paparazzi Pod – supposed to be a new photography product to offer, but hasn’t taken off
  • The Giving Lens – project started but never went anywhere due to lack of funding
  • I Shoot In RAW – Simple website to say why your camera is always set to RAW


  • HDRPhotog – collaborative HDR blog
  • Photowalklist.com – worldwide photowalk listing website (sold in 2010)
  • Scott Wyden Imagery – the blog you’re reading right now.  my way of giving back and sharing my passion
  • Talk Imagery Podcast – a new roundtable type video podcast
  • 5511 Project – $5 portraits
  • Photographer Q&A – Quora for Photographers

Still poking the box

  • (e)Books in the works
  • More website ideas that are in the works
  • Photography event ideas

So with that said, have you poked the box?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,
updated: 5/31/2011

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