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SEO for photographers shouldn’t be a difficult thing. I’ve mentioned previously that SEO is a necessary evil and I am sticking to that.


When it comes to SEO for Photographers, there are many ways that you can learn and so many techniques that you can implement.

However, I recommends checking out the Photographers SEO Community.  Not only because I work for Photocrati, who runs the website, but truthfully because it is a huge resource for learning, implementing  asking questions and finding solutions.

Free SEO for Photographers Class

The first step I would recommend is joining the free eight part SEO email class.  It will get you going with some of the most important things to know about SEO for Photographers.

After the class, you can then join the community or purchase the 100+ page Photographer SEO eBook.

Photographer SEO Community

Why join the community?  Becoming a members comes with many perks, including:

  • Access to all eBooks, videos and everything else on the site
  • Access to Photographer SEO Forum
  • Monthly Photographer SEO Newsletter
  • Access to the Link Building Hub for finding new methods for organic link building

Photographers SEO Inner Circle

If the class, eBooks and community don’t do it for you and just need help getting the job done then you’re still looking in the right direction.

The Photographers SEO Inner Circle is made of 1-on-1 coaching, site analysis and more.  With it, you’ll get extremely personalized service to take the stress out of ranking well.

Photographers SEO Blog

While many of the services and products on the site are paid.  The eight part eClass is free, as is the blog.  In addition, articles are often about photography business and marketing. So make sure you stop by, subscribe and join on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for free SEO advice and content.  You can also subscribe through RSS.

The Future

In the not so distant future, you’ll find me hosting Google Plus hangouts and presentations around SEO for photographers.  I hope that you will join me in conversation to further grow our businesses.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Scott I see mentioned many times in a variety of places on the web regarding the use of H1, H2 and H3 tags.

    I use Photocrati, which I love by the way, and I am wondering in my blog posts should I be using these H1 and H2 settings for text within the blog post or is the post title considered an H1 heading? This might not be the best and I may be confused as all heck when it comes to my SEO but it is a question that has constantly been lurking in my mind. Thanks again and I’m a huge fan of Google Plus so I would be very interested in hanging out !

    1. Very good question Ed. I’ll put that on my list of articles to write in the future. Be sure to subscribe to the Photographers SEO Community blog as that is where I will be posting it.

  2. What good is SEO? Even if 20 people are running with the best SEO tactics and they all have the same knowledge; not all 20 of them can be #1 on Google. Moreover, how is being #1 on Google a measure of how good or how sought after a photographer you really are? Can SEO be extended to accomodate this dimension? There needs to be a way to quantify the goodness of a photographer and then search on that.

    1. Of course only 1 person can rank #1, and that’s the difficulty. SEO can not tell how good a photographer is, but without being found, no one will know how good a photographer is. With many photography businesses, they rely on searches to get found. That is the good of SEO.

  3. I just subscribed to your SEO community, so forgive me if my first question is redundant.

    I strive for a well-designed and understated design in all of my marketing materials. I realize that search engines may rank higher sites and blogs/posts that use large H1, H2, H3 text.
    So my Q is: How do photographers seeking a sophisticated clean design (that doesn’t look like hokey blast advertising) balance quality design with maximum SEO content and design?


    1. Hi Dan,

      It’s always a difficult task to find that fine line between SEO and pleasing readability. There are ways to make H tags look a lot better, and unfortunately it involved custom CSS. Some themes, including the Photocrati theme, provide a way to change the look of H tags for an overall website. That can help for some people, but for others (including myself), custom CSS is needed to change the look of H tags on specific pages. In fact, my home page is a great example of this. The New Jersey Photographer heading at the bottom is actually my H1 tag.

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