The Everyday Photographer

I have recently started considering myself an everyday photographer. By that I mean, I don’t have one focus in my photography.

I absolutely love travel and landscape photography. I also really enjoy street photography. But my freelance photography business makes most of its income from portrait photography.

So instead of calling myself a portrait photographer or a landscape photographer, I am going with an everyday photographer.

That leaves the door open to any areas of photography I wish to explore now and in the future.

How did I get there?

Whenever people would ask me what type of photography I do, my explanation was always pretty long.  So instead of keeping it like that, I can say “I’m an everyday photographer”, which is not only more relatable to consumers but also a conversation started.

So from here on consider my an everyday photographer that photographs anything that I see that catches my interest. It might be you, or a town’s downtown area, or a car driving by, or whatever you pay me to photograph. I photograph everyday things, and won’t limit myself to one category.


Steal this term

Feel free to steal that term if you’d like. I plan on integrating it into my website and social media branding more often. I may even start #everydayphotographer on Instagram and other social channels.

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