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social-media-handbookMy Twitter page is featured in a new Facebook and Twitter Guide for Photographers written by Zach Prez. The Photographer’s Social Media Handbook is an all-in-one resource to grow your photography presence in social media. So if you need help building a social media entourage, here is a great resource to learn how.

Special thanks to Zach Prez who is full of photography marketing ideas.

Here’s an excerpt where I was featured:

Once people follow you they see your tweets through their profile and rarely have a reason to view your Twitter profile again. That means design a background for new clients who may not know you well. Typical information could include logo, domain name (URL), contact information, and a little about what you offer. Here are some great backgrounds that showcase quality work and brands.

With 31,000+ tweets, Scott Wyden ( has been around Twitter. Here’s what he had to say about using a personal photo and contact information in his Twitter background image.

“A twitter profile should portray the person or brand as clearly as possible. This includes the entire profile from the image, link, description, background and even the tweets themselves. If you’re a photographer marketing to clients and/or photographers, don’t make your profile image a photograph you captured. Make it you. Your description should match the keyword that you include on your website. Your background is where you show off your creativity. Embed photos that you captured, your brand’s logo, a way for people to contact you, and possibly even a self-portrait.


For me, I decided to include the same self-portrait that I use as my profile image. I also have an email address, my website URL and Skype ID. Last, but not least, is my logo. It’s branded on my background small and large. When visiting my profile, Twitter followers will know who I am, what I do and that I am personable and easy to interact with.”

So if you’re interested in learning about Social Media for Photographers, pick up a copy of the Photographer’s Social Media Handbook from Zach Prez, and tell him I sent you!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


PS. Zach also wrote the eBook, Photography Blog Success.

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