Best & Favorite Photographs of 2014

In 2014 I had the pleasure of meeting so many new people, traveling to a variety of places in the USA and prepare for my first child.

It was an amazing year, and I am so happy to share my best and favorite photographs of 2014.

cape may lighthouse
We visited the Cape May Lighthouse, and although the light wasn’t bright due to the extended sunset, It was pretty. I added the light during post processing.
How I Quickly Removed An Outlet From Hundreds Of Photographs
I photographed more Karate sparring photos. This was challenging for light and speed.
I photographed more maternity photos in 2014 then I have ever before.
I visited the Cape May Zoo and came across a scene which did not fit in.
Night Vision Photographers
I went camping with my brother and his friends. This was made during the dark of night.
Family Portrait Posing
My niece and nephew are getting older and so fast.
My younger brother got engaged!

I went to Acadia National Park with a group of friends and we made photographs nearly non stop for 4 days. I photographed my friend Bob sitting in an art gallery where his photographs were hanging. I made some sick photos of my brother and his fiancé. I photographed my favorite maternity photo ever. My cousin had his first baby. I met two of my apprentices from The Arcanum. This is one of them. I started a new project called Faces in 35.

In 2014 I also had 3 eBooks published.  Here are the topics:

It’s been an amazing year and I’m looking forward to what 2015 holds.

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