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panoramic-photography-ebook-go-widerI am so excited to share an eBook I’ve written on panoramic photography. The eBook, Go Wider with Panoramic Photography, is published by Peachpit Press. Peachpit, if you don’t know, is a division of Pearson which is one of the largest educational publishing companies.

The eBook is 50 pages packed with education, no fluff and straight to the point, content about panoramic photography.

I provide instruction for creating segmented panoramic photography, which involves manually capturing a single row of photographs and combining them into a panorama. I briefly mention multi-row panoramic photography but do not provide any tutorial on it.

The eBook serves an introduction to panoramic photography for anyone curious about the technique. It is also the first that I do not sell directly, so you must visit the Peachpit site to place your order.


I know that some people don’t like PDF eBooks, so I am also happy to say that Peachpit offers the eBook in three different formats – each of which is included with every purchase. So whether you prefer a PDF, ePub or Mobi, Peachpit has you covered.

In the eBook you will develop skills that are required to make a panorama. You will learn how to setup for a panorama and process it using software you already use like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.


For example, how often do you use the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter tool in Photoshop? I’d imagine not so often. You may not even known it exists. Well, that tool is extremely useful for panoramic photography and you will learn about how to utilize the tool within Go Wider with Panoramic Photography.

panoramic-sunsetIn the eBook you will also learn about tripod features and accessories like a leveling plate and the usefulness of a L-Bracket for vertical panoramas (aka. Vertoramas)

If you’ve already ready my long exposure photography eBook and are looking to explore new opportunities and techniques then pick up Go Wider with Panoramic Photography. Combine the two techniques into a super smooth and motion filled panoramic photograph.

Combine HDR and panoramic photography using Photoshop, Photomatix, Kolor or other software.

Visit Peachpit Press to pick up your copy of the Go Wider with Panoramic Photography eBook and start exploring something new.

Or purchase a copy from Amazon for Kindle or iTunes for iBooks.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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