5 Tips For The Traveling Photographer

travel-bagAt the time I’m writing this, I am packing for my wedding in Mexico. I thought it would be suitable for me to share some packing tips for photographers about to travel.

  • Think about it: Think about where you’re going, what you will be doing and what you might need. No need to overpack with gear that you will not use on the trip
  • Remember the essentials: Batteries, cleaning cloth, memory cards, etc.
  • One bag to rule them all: Choose the right bag. Too small and you’re gear might be too tight or not fit. Too big and it can be cumbersome. Choose wisely.
  • Offloading: Extra memory cards are great, but if you’re going on a long trip, a memory backup drive (built-in card reader) can be useful. An iPad can always be a great tool for photo backups.
  • Juice: Be sure to bring a battery charger. You never know if you’re going to shoot enough to kill all those extra batteries you packed.

Have your own tip for travel photography? Comment below to share.

Thanks for reading, safe travels, light packing and happy shooting,


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  1. I always make two copies of my equipment list, complete with serial numbers. Useful in case of accidents and sometimes required by customs when you’re travelling internationally (to avoid import duty when you return home).

    Also always backup and delete your memory cards before you head out.

    Love your site Scott, you bring a very readable, human pov to photography blogging

    1. Great tip Marc! Thank you for the kind words as well!

  2. Replace the branded camera strap with a generic one that does not advertise the make and model of your high end camera (Nikon D3S or whatever it is). Thieves look for camera straps that ID what you are carrying. Remember to have fun.

    1. Awesome tip Greg! Thanks for sharing with other readers!

  3. Great post Scott!!! Have a safe trip and CONGRATZ on the Wedding!!!

    1. Thank you very much Chuck. I appreciate that.

  4. Depending on what kinds of things you like to shoot: a small tripod (gorillapod) is a heck of a lot more portable than a proper rigid one; a vileda / chamois leather cloth is great for keeping the rain off and provides extra padding when it’s dry.
    Shoot every frame twice; remember to use hdr and panorama techniques while you’re away to capture the most image-data (can always process it at leisure later).

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