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The M.I.C Store is a company offering a wide range of Made-in-China gadgets. They test and pick the best items from China but do not provide knockoff products. Their store includes exclusive items such as the phenomenal Steve Jobs action figure, fabricated travel sleeve cases for iPhone 4 and iPad.

Not long ago, the M.I.C Store announced and released a CF Card Reader for the iPad. This is huge for professional photographers because they can now purchase a product to transfer photographs straight to their iPad, without tethering the camera.

The Exclusive CF Card Reader for the iPad and iPad2 is similar to Apple’s iPad camera connection kit as it is a 2-in-1: Compact Flash Card and USB. It’s backward compatible with iPad, supports up to 600X speed. Only available for sale in M.I.C Store and nowhere else.

So without further ado, I want to share my video review of the new CF Card Reader for the iPad and iPad2. The product is just $29.90 at the time I write this, so if you’re interested just hop on over to M.I.C Store and pick it up. I make no commission off of the sale, I just believe this simple product is worth it.

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  1. Scott, terrific review thanks for posting. Will it work with iPad because on the site it says it’s for iPad2?

    1. Edith, according to the website the product will work on both the iPad and iPad2. I only have an iPad2 so unfortunately couldn’t test the original.

    2. Scott, thanks for the review! Curious what firmware version is your iPad 2 running. Apple changed the power output for their USB input. I used to import photos with the usb camera connect kit with a card reader.

      1. Francis,

        My iPad is at 4.3.3 (8J2) right now

  2. Just curious how this worked in the long run. This particular item doesn’t seem to still be available but I’m interested in something similar. I shoot to both CF and SD but typically use an eye-fi card in the SD slot. I dump small .jpgs to this for quicker transfer to an iPad Pro (used as a field monitor). CF cards save Raw images for post processing and I hope to find something like this to import said Raw files.


    1. I haven’t seen a new CF reader for iOS in some time. SD is easy to come by, though.

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