How Photographers Can Slow Down


In 2014 I started mentoring other photographers in The Arcanum.  Part of the process is critiquing many photographs, and the critiques are done via Google Hangouts, recorded and made available for all Arcanum members to view.

During one of the critiques an apprentice asked me about how she could slow down more.  I broke into a rant, and then decided to record a separate video specifically about it.

So with that, check out the video here:

To recap, here are my recommended easy tricks to slow yourself down while making photographs.

  • Start using manual focus with your lens, instead of auto focus.
  • Start changing the aperture of your lens how you want
  • Start changing your camera’s shutter speed yourself
  • Pick your own ISO
  • Change your white balance when you change lighting conditions
  • Use a smaller memory card

By taking this advice, and implementing it, you will find yourself making better photographs.

Keep doing it, and have fun doing it.

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